New HR Professor Brings Prior Experience to Life in the Classroom

HR SSM MBA Class PhotoJust when you thought you knew everything about HR from your undergrad class, Giovanna Golia comes in and tells you how it really is. With 10 years of experience in HR consulting and training companies, Professor Golia brings a real world perspective into the classroom.

As a project manager for corporate training Golia helps students put HR theory into practice with examples she pulls from her project work on 360 ° feedback process, implementing HR strategic plans, and designing training programs.

Golia provided students a Human Resources overview by discussing the strategic role of HRM to ensure a successfully run organization. “In my course I help students discover key components of integrated HR management and development systems and the ever-changing role of HRM over time.” said professor Golia.

Students also learned about job analysis and job descriptions as well as recruiting strategy, tips and tricks for interviewing and other tools for hiring (tests, assessment centers, personality questionnaires).

“I liked the topics we learned in the course because it taught me the key roles of human resource management for any firm. I walked away with a clear understanding of how human resource management can positively effect my career path in the future,” said Mahmoud Mossailhy, MBA student from Egypt.

Ultimately students walked away with a great understanding about what it takes for an organization to train and develop employees. Based on Golia’s class, students have seen where the bar has been set for the talent development process which will allow them to evaluate which global organizations they want to work for as they start their career search after graduation.


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