Happy Women’s Day!

This year the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome hosted a Women’s day seminar featuring MC, Zeinab Badawi, BBC Journalist, and panelists Maureen Rabotin, Founding Director, Effective Global Leadership, Gerda Verrburg, HE Ambassador of the Kingdon of the Neatherlands and Julianne Miles, Founder, Career Psychologists. HR director Monika Altmaier from FAO and   Rob Vos, Gender Director of Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division also were on the panel.  Staff members, Becky Thomas, Assistant Dean, Swiss School of Management and Communications professor Fiona Talbot were in attendance.

As Gerda Verburg said, “Changes and moves will be faster. People need to re-think and re-invent their own position. There’s a saying ‘you are at the table or you are the menu.’ But change is the moment where there’s a window of opportunity.”  And with a follow up from Maureen Rabotin, “This may be uncomfortable but it may lead to something better.” As she spoke about working through change and setting boundaries for yourself.  She specifically highlighted Respect, Relationships, Recognition and Rewards as critical elements for managers and employees today.

The panel summed up by answering the question. “What is the most critical skill for women leaders today?” Authentic Leadership and Self Esteem.  For more information on Womens’ day visit http://www.internationalwomensday.com/about.asp#.UTm5Nxxg-So


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